• Anonyme

    AAAh c'est qui cette meuf !!!!
    WAAA LA RACAILLE !!!!! yoyoyoyo
    j'te danse la souljaboys dessus moi mouahahahahaha
    Je suis l'empereur du mal ...
    Tel un Coquinou .... s'envolant

  • 8 ways in which I love you
    3 words in which I can say it
    1 true feeling

    I love you =)

  • I hope today...
    Theres a way...
    To try and show...
    You what I know...
    And bring you home...
    On my mobile phone...
    All my problems you can apart...
    As fast as you can take my heart...

    Tu me manque =(
    J'espere tu sera sur MSN plus tot =(
    A bientot ma ange <3
    Je T'aime <3<3<3<3

  • This comment will wait
    But just for a while.
    Someday it is going
    To make you smile.

    This comment will be seen
    2 weeks late
    On your computer screen.
    But I can wait =|

    Or at least that is
    What I hope to do.
    Maybe just this once
    Put a smile on you =)

    So the last thing
    Left to say
    Is that I hope you
    Have a nice day =D

  • Hey =|

    I hope you smile today =)

    So I can smile too =D

  • I L<3VE> You!!!

  • Accept these ones too =P

  • I love you like the moon and stars.
    My love, my angel that's what you are.
    I love you like the sun and sky.
    My love, my angel in my minds eye.

  • Hey accept these comments girl!!!! Je T'aime!!!! Tu me manques!!!

  • Just leaving a comment to say how much you mean to me (A LOT!!!)

  • =O No comments? Thats terrible... How are you today hunny? Whats up?